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The 1938 G.W. Cardinals!

The Great Games

Nov. 15th, 1982 --- (G.W. 44 Halifax Co. 0)

Dec. 2nd, 1982---AAA Championship (G.W. 58 Lake Taylor 13)

Oct. 18th, 1994---Homecoming (G.W. 34 E.C. Glass 28)

Dec. 4th, 1994---Division 6 State Semifinal (G.W. 10 Indian River 7)

Dec. 11th, 1994---Division 6 State Championship (Annandale 47 G.W. 41---OT)

Oct. 4th, 1996---(G.W. 21 Thomas Dale 19)  

Nov. 27th 1996---Northwest Regional Championship (G.W. 28 Woodbridge 3)

Dec. 2nd, 1996---Division 6 State Semifinals (G.W. 7 Thomas Dale 0---OT)

Dec. 9th, 1996---Division 6 State Championship (Chantilly 14  G.W. 7)  

Nov. 9th, 2001---(G.W. 14  Cave Spring 13)  

Nov. 16th, 2001---Northwest Regional Semifinals (G.W. 42 GarField 35 --- 4OT)

Oct 1st, 2004---(G.W. 15  Reidsville 14) 

Oct. 29th, 2004---(G.W. 21 Franklin County 20)

Sept. 30th, 2005---(G.W. 36  Reidsville 35)

Nov. 14th, 2008---(G.W. 27  Brooke Point  21)

The 1921 G.W. Cardinals!

The Great Players/Coaches
(Modern day players need to have been selected to an All-State team to qualify)

Kenny Lewis I Buddy Curry Theomone Brooks Herman Moore
Nathan Poole

Chanston Rodgers

Alger Pugh Tyrone Robertson
Ed Martin   Keith Terry   Sonny Wall Miscellaneous
Micah Knight "Keeta" Covington Kenny Lewis II  Cam Martin
Ferrell Edmunds Mike Brim David Wilson Richard Williams
Travis Tarpley Jamie Harris Percy Moorman  Stokeley Fulton

Miscellaneous Pictures

The 1998 Season

The 1999 Season

The Mid-1980's  

A Blast from the past  


The 2000 Season

The 2001 Season

The 2002 Season

The 1981 Season

The 1982 Season

The 2003 Season

The 2004 Season

The 2005 Season

The 2007 Season


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