The 2005 Season
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2005 practice begins

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2005 Scrimmage with Heritage

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Scenes from the 2005 G.W. Football Jamboree

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Haylen Murphy fights for yardage.
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T.J. Price with a big gainer.
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Coach Dan Newell directs the troops.
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More Yardage from Haylen

G.W. 49 --- Tunstall 14

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Haylen Murphy set an all-time record with 325 yards!!!
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Herbie Williams draws a bead on a fumble
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A. J. Irvin breaks up an option pitch.
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\John Gregory also had a 100-yard night!

G.W. 63 --- Page 36

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John Gregory leads the Eagle attack
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Marcus Dodson mixes it up!
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Coach Newell plots strategy
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Brandon Dawson absorbs the tough loss
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The Eagles "D" corrals a runner
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Herbie gets a facial.

Amherst Co. 28 G.W. 24

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Travis Tarplay hauls in his 3rd TD!
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John Gregory takes down the QB
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Haylen with another big gainer.
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John catches the game-winner!
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T.J. lets loose with one of his 3 TDs.

G.W. 36  Reidsville 35

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Haylen fights for yardage in the swamp.
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John Gregory finds the going tough.
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Zach Gibson heads off a runner at the pass.
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Travis Tarpley pressures an OT extra point.
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More pressure from the Eagle Special Teams.

G.W. 26  Magna Vista 19 (3ot)

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Travis makes a big catch
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More action from the district opener
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John skies for a catch
hal_2005_4.jpg (42090 bytes)
Sack the QB!
hal_2005_5.jpg (35886 bytes)
Dominique with a catch and yards.

Halifax County 27  G.W. 21

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Travis with some big yardage.
(Photo courtesy Media General)

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Marcus Dodson is crowned Homecoming King.
(Photo courtesy Media General)
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Zach Gibson and the '"D" get nasty!
(Photo courtesy Media General)
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Herbie with a big pickup.
(Photo courtesy Media General)

G.W. 14  Franklin County 17

Cameron Martin runs in a 1st quarter touchdown
(Photo courtesy Register and Bee)

Bam and Cam get ready for action

James Chaney celebrates on the sidelines

Haylen Murphy runs wild!!

G.W. celebrates a HUGE win!
(Photo courtesy Register and Bee)

Donald Thompson and the guys get nasty.
(Photo courtesy Register and Bee)

Kendrell Totten and friends make the stop!
(Photo courtesy Register and Bee)

More yards from Haylen
(Photo courtesy Register and Bee)

Tyrell Lea grabs one of his three catches.
(Photo courtesy Register and Bee)

Trevor Owen celebrates the winning extra point!
(Photo courtesy Register and Bee)

G.W. 21   Franklin County 20

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Anthony Moore with a big hit on "D"

ecg_2005_1.jpg (36127 bytes)
Larry Claiborne tap-dances along the sideline.

ecg_2005_7.jpg (31220 bytes)
T.J. goes back to pass.

G.W. 15  EC. Glass 40

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