The 2003 Season
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The 2003 season started in February, when Dan Newell was named Head Football Coach

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A cake welcomes Dan back to Danville.
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Dan and former G.W. coach Everett Woods chat.
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Dan talks with the coaching staff at Averett.

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The new football season brought a new coach, and a new locker room!

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The 2003 coaching staff
freshmen8-21-03.jpg (55394 bytes)
The 2003 Freshman class
sophomores8-21-03.jpg (71159 bytes)
The 2003 Sophomores
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The 2003 Junior Class
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The 2003 Senior Class

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Scenes from the Pulaski County Scrimmage

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(Photo courtesy Danville Register and Bee)
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(Photo courtesy Danville Register and Bee)

Scenes from the 2003 G.W. Football Jamboree!

The Eagles' 2003 campaign got off to a rough start in Roxboro... the Eagles dropped a 27-0 decision to Person County

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The Eagles run against Page
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Ryan Gunn runs for big yardage against the Pirates.
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Greg Thompson lays the wood on a Pirate receiver.
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Big Lamar Pritchett sacks the Pirates' QB.
(Photo courtesy Danville Register and Bee)
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James Chaney is congratulated after his first high school interception.
(Photo courtesy Danville Register and Bee)
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Dan Newell celebrates his first win as Eagles' coach.

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Delonte Wilson pressure the Dan River QB.
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Kevin Lanier flashes a little "D".
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Greg Thompson found the end zone four times against the Wildcats.
dr4.JPG (22860 bytes)
Greg takes one to the house!

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Mario Williams looks for yardage.
rv2.jpg (31586 bytes)
G.W.'s defense plugs the hole.
rv3.jpg (43671 bytes)
Trevor Owen nails a Field Goal in his first high school attempt.
rv4.jpg (16878 bytes)
Marlon Walton goes around end.
rv5.jpg (17208 bytes)
Delonte Wilson heads upfield.
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The going is tough against the G.W. "D".
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Delonte Wilson hauls in a pass.
rv8.jpg (34291 bytes)
Cameron Martin calls the signals.
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Terrence Grasty and Marcus Dodson sky to block a pass attempt.
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Dan Newell talks with Clarke Whitfield after the Reidsville game.

Thomas Underwood gets off a punt against E.C. Glass

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Cameron Martin looks downfield.

ph2-03.JPG (21513 bytes)
Delonte Wilson hauls in a long one.
ph3-03.JPG (100029 bytes)
Delonte celebrates a touchdown catch.
ph4-03.JPG (24270 bytes)
Cameron settles in under Kendrell Totten.
ph5-03.JPG (20549 bytes)
Ryan Gunn fights for yardage against the Patriots.

fc1_2003.JPG (26651 bytes)
Coach Newell rallies the troops before the Franklin County game.

fc2_2003.JPG (23386 bytes)
Cameron finds some yards against the Franklin County defense.

fc3_2003.JPG (26203 bytes)
Cameron flicks a quick pass over the middle....
fc4_2003.JPG (33071 bytes)
...and Marlon Walton catches it for a touchdown!
fc5_2003.JPG (24049 bytes)
Marlon takes it to the house!

hc_2003_1.JPG (22923 bytes)
Kenny Lewis crowns the 2003 Homecoming Queen.
hc_2003_2.JPG (22869 bytes)
Cameron finds a few yards against the Comets.
hc_2003_3.JPG (26370 bytes)
Greg Thompson runs roughshod over Halifax Co.
hc_2003_4.JPG (23382 bytes)
Trevor Owen boots a Field Goal.

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