Chanston Rodgers

Chanston may have had the best combination of power and speed of any other G.W. player of recent vintage. He spent four years on the varsity level, leading the Eagles to two District titles, two Regional Championships, and two berths in the State Championship game.

Chanston was a contributor as a Freshman on the 1994 State runners-up. By the end of the season, he was starting at Wide Receiver. During his Sophomore season, Chanston became an all-district Cornerback. But with the graduation of Nathan Poole, he became G.W.'s starting QB.

G.W. switched to a "split-bone" style offense in 1996 to accentuate Chanston's abilities and they flourished. The Eagles went 13-1, finishing a touchdown short of a perfect season.


In addition to his running and leadership abilities, Chanston was also a prolific passer. He threw 10 touchdown passes in his senior year, to give G.W. one of it's most potent offenses ever.

But it was his running ability for which Chanston will be most remembered. He was a threat to score from anywhere on the field, any time he had his hands on the ball.

Rodgers played at Marshall University, and went on to become a G.W. assistant coach.

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