Oct 1st, 2004

G.W. 15 -- Reidsville 14
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The G.W. Eagles entered the game with a 4-1 record against an unbeaten Reidsville team, coming off of two consecutive state 2-A championships in North Carolina.  It was a chance for the Eagles to prove themselves against a top-flight opponent.

G.W.'s defense pressured Rams QB Kendon Doe all night long.

Cameron Martin looks for yardage.

G.W. opened the scoring with a safety from Donald Thompson.  But Kendon Doe passed to Raphael Chestnut to give the Rams a 7-2 lead.

Haylen Murphy finished the game with 69 yards.

Cam had to go to the air to get the Eagles back in the game, trailing 7-2.  He ran one in from 80 yards out to make it 9-7 G.W.
Reidsville's defense clamped down on Murphy in the second half.
Cam lets one fly against a touch Ram defense.  He ended up with 83 passing yards
G.W.'s defense was nasty with Kendon Doe all night, limiting him to 13-30 passing.
Cramps grounded Cam for much of the second half.  Reidsville scored another touchdown as the Eagles trailed 14-9.
Marlon Walton  hauled in a long touchdown pass from Cam with 1:16 left in the game to give G.W. a 15-14 win!
Donald Thompson and Brandon Kirby celebrate the winning score! 
Kevin Lanier & Anthony Jacobs provided blanket coverage all night! 
More pressure against Kendon Doe 
The Shriners look over the program from the 50th annual Shrine game. 
Donald Thompson celebrates the 15-14 win! 
Cam looks for yardage

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